When you walk the streets of Hillsboro, you're bound to discover some intriguing and quirky shops. Perhaps you'll find that vintage lamp you've always wanted, or maybe you'll find that rare record album you just can't find anywhere else. If you love your tea and your chochkees, we've got that covered too.

Parallel Lines

one of a kind finds

The first shop you see when you enter into town is Hubbart Wood, a wood carving art gallery which tells you that you're about to have a different sort of shopping experience. From the carefully curated finds of The Refinery  Vintage Goods to the more modern Blackboard Mercantile, we've got shops for the home that will address the need to personalize your space. If you're looking to feed your inner lumberjack/home improvement soul, check out the Hardcore Hammers store that sells their hammers and axes (assembled here in Hillsboro), while outfitting your self with locally made construction vests made by Atlas 46. Or maybe vinyl is your thing, and you want to find a copy of John Coltrane's Love Supreme album at Gold Pan Records. 

Hubbart Wood.jpg
Hubbart Wood 

265 Springfield Rd.


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Blackboard Mercantile

Child, Home, & Gift shop


227 S. Main St.

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Nzuri Boutique, Ltd.

Women's Boutique

305 S. Main St. • ​618-292-8886​

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The Dressing Room 234.jpg
The Dressing Room​

Consignment Shop,

Boutique, and Gift Shop

221 S. Main St. • 217-532-3700

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The Refinery Vintage Goods

Vintage Store

107 Tilson St. • 217-556-5168


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Gold Pan.jpg
The Gold Pan Records & Recording Studio

Record Store
& Recording Studio

309 S. Main St. ​• 615-202-3837​

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Ev'glo Neon Signs

110 E Wood St
Hillsboro, IL 62049

Hardcore Hammers

Hammers, Hatchets & Axes

307 S. Main St. 

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The Salvation Army

Thrift Store​

237 S. Main St. ​• 217-532-5059

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Atlas 46

Construction Work Wear, Bags, Belts

307 S. Main St.


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Holiday Shop.jpeg
The Holiday Shop

Gift Shop

304 S. Main St. ​• 217-851-7844


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Diamonds and Dogs

Jewelry Store & ​Pet Food

1710 Vandalia Rd. • 217-532-2800

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Sullivan Drugs.jpeg
Sullivan Drugs

Pharmacy & Gift Shop


325 S. Main St. ​• 217-532-2377

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Sage on Sage.jpg
Sage on Sage

Gift Shop, Tea Shop​

509 N. Main St. • 312-834-7745

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John's Pharmacy.jpg
John's Medical Pharmacy

300 S. Main Street 

Hillsboro, Illinois 

White Feather


Needs supplies for a day at our lakes? You're gonna find everything you need and more in Hillsboro. At The Korner Store, you'll be able to find delicious sandwiches while shopping their high end spirits section. For the basics, you can shop at the locally owned Capri IGA. If it's fresh produce and other products made on local farms, you should check out the Uhlry Farms stand. Want something to grill on the boat or on the shore? Paris Frozen Food butchers locally produced meat on site. Now you're ready to hit the lakes for the day! 

The Korner Store

Deli, Butcher, & Grocery Store​

2116 School St. ​• 217-532-3727

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Capri IGA

Grocery Store​

1201 Vandalia Rd.​ • 217-532-3727


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Paris Frozen.png
Paris Frozen Foods

Butcher & Grocery Store​

305 Springfield Rd. ​


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Pharmacy & Convenience Store


608 S. Main St. ​• 217-532-9479

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Dollar General

Convenience Store​ 

1129 Rountree St. ​


Easy Snacks

Snack Service



Lumber Selection at Hardware Store

home improvement

After all this shopping, you might realize that you want to stay in Hillsboro forever. Maybe you're in the market to buy a historic home that needs some renovation. If so, Ace and RP have you covered with everything you need to turn the chapter in that storied house that is now yours. 

Ace Hardware

Hardware, Garden, & Home Improvement Retailer

300 Springfield Rd.


RP Lumber

Hardware, Home Improvement Retail

1603 Vandalia Rd.