Our vision is to make Hillsboro a beautiful and sustainable community that encourages and develops an atmosphere of human flourishing for all our citizens. We will be build this culture through developing a locally based economy, building an equitable quality of life, and protecting the natural environment that surrounds our city. Come and help us make this vision a reality. 

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Generate. Innovate.

Renovate. Cultivate. 

In 2019, CTI, a regional company based in Taylorville, Illinois, brought fiber Internet to Hillsboro which allowed it to reimagine it's future. Hillsboro's downtown is turning into an e-commerce corridor with companies like Atlas 46, Hardcore Hammers, Black Rabbit Coffee, Alexandrea purses and Woofers and Whiskers making their home in Hillsboro. Thanks to the installation of our fiber internet, we are focused on our small business community and helping them generate jobs, innovate new ideas, renovate old buildings and cultivate healthy employees.  In the past twelve years, Hillsboro has exploded with entrepreneurial growth resulting in a number of thriving small business start ups. The city introduced a number of measures aimed at encouraging people to start their own small businesses, encourage e-commerce and renovate old buildings. Starting next Spring, a new idea will come to the area, The Coop, an incubator where new things and ideas will be hatched into the world.


Want to start something new and build a different life while connecting with the rest of the world?  


Hillsboro is your kind of town. 


Hillsboro City Hall

Jonathan Weyer

Community & Economic Planner 

447 S. Main Street. 


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The Coop Incubator 

Cara Noyes  

Exec. Director

106 West Seward St. 




Old and historic houses? Check. Affordable prices? You bet. Lots of land and space? We have those. Trees? We keep those around instead of chopping them down. Want to live in downtown Hillsboro and it's growing nightlife? We have upscale apartments being developed on a regular basis. 


Our real estate agents have options that appeal to those who want to do a complete remodel of a current house to someone who wants to build a new house in the middle of huge tracts of land. Contact them today. 

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Reid Baugher Realty 

Century 21 

423 S. Main St. • Hillsboro

(217) 532-5322


MCR Reality Professionals 

551 S. Main St. • Hillsboro

(217) 532-2525

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The world is changing faster than any of us can comprehend. Will our kids be ready for it? Hillsboro area schools are developing to meet the complicated needs of our future. From the free pre-school system to fully inclusive classroom which allow children with special needs to learn alongside their peers. Whatever the needs of the students, our schools are helping parents train good citizens, no matter what career they want to pursue, whether it's in the neglected trade careers or taking the traditional college route, our schools are evolving to our chaotic world while focusing on producing good people who love their community and are full of Hilltopper Pride. 

 Hillsboro Community School District No. 3 

High School, Junior High School, Beckemeyer Elementary, Early/Childhood PK

1311 Vandalia Street • Hillsboro, IL 62049
Phone: 217-532-2942


Healthy Lifestyle


We want our citizens to take care of themselves by being active and healthy. Fusion Fitness and Aquatics and Raise the Bar stand ready to help everyone live longer and happier lives. However, when working out isn't enough, Hillsboro has one of the best small town health care systems around including dentists, eye care and a number of practicing physicians. 


 Hillsboro Area Hospital not only provides top notch medical care, but is heavily involved in encouraging the holistic health of our region. 


Fusion Fitness & Aquatics

1210 East Tremont St.

Hillsboro • (217) 532-3896

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Hillsboro Area Hospital 

1200 East Tremont St.
Hillsboro • (217) 532-6111

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Springfield Clinic

1280 East Tremont St.

Hillsboro • (217) 532-2320


Family Eye Care Association 

675 School St. 

Hillsboro • (217) 532-5044

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Hart Dental Care

212 East Summer St
Hillsboro • (217) 532-3333


Hillsboro Chiropractic Center

114 E. Wood St.

 Hillsboro • (217) 532-9461

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Raise the Bar

1449 Vandalia Rd.

Hillsboro • (217) 608-2257

Rehabedge LLC

127 N. Main St

Hillsboro • (217) 532-3330


Robert Hamm, DDS

506 Adams St

Hillsboro • (217) 532-2666


Prairie Eye & Lasik Center

200 E. Mechanic St.
Hillsboro • (217) 532-3036


Robert Balen, DMD

235 N Broad St 
Hillsboro • (217) 532-5555