Eating is more than just putting food into our pie holes and silencing our rumbling stomachs. It's about seeing old friends, making new ones and building a community while through the ancient art of sharing food and drink with others.  

Play Mix 'n' Match Restaurants for the Day!

 (Hint: There are no wrong answers.) 

Tube Lights

Start your morning either at Black Rabbit Coffee for a muffin and locally roasted coffee or join the local gang at Garden Restaurant for an old school Midwest breakfast. 

Black Rabbit
Coffee Roasters

313 S. Main St. 

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Hillsboro Garden Family Restaurant

212 S. Main Street

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Marina at
Glenn Shoals Lake

700 Glen Shoals Ln. 

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When lunch time rolls around, grab a burger that St. Louis Magazine Editor in chief, Jarrett Medlin craves at Street Eats (you can get ice cream at Sweet Addictions, right next door). Grab a massive burrito at Lomas Del Sol. Journey out to Lake Glenn Shoals, eat at The Marina, and feed the fish while enjoying the sun glittering off the water. Or, if you're feeling a bit nostalgic, check out Park-N-Eat. They've been around since May 1969. Want to find the best egg rolls in town? Visit The Cozy Cafe and find them. 

Street Eats.jpg

Street Eats and

Sweet Addictions

400-420 S. Main Street 

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Lomas Del Sol

280 Springfield Rd. 

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Cozy Cafe

633 S. Main St. 

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201 Dearborn St. 

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Design Concrete

Now, it's evening tide, and you're ready to relax. Visit the Canton Inn for some Surf 'n' Turf or sit by Old Lake Hillsboro as you imbibe the atmosphere of Hillsboro's first gastropub, Tobias Public House. 

Canton Inn &
Blue Note Lounge

303 22nd St.

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Tobias Public House

1 Country Club Dr.

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Abstract Gold Stripe

It's nighttime and you're ready for a pint, conversation and jolly good fun. If you're feeling local, head over to the Courthouse Pub for beer, pool, and sports on the cathode ray. If you're more of a craft beer kind of person, then visit the Opera House for the beer that's bringing people from all over to our city on the hill. 


Opera House Brewing Company

405 S. Main St. 

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Grunge Texture

Or maybe you want pizza with your beer...


Gianni's Pizza &

Italian Ristorante

1233 Vandalia Rd. 

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Want some different choices? Check these places out. 


China Wok

1119 Vandalia Rd.

Main Dish

1322 School St. 

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Moonlight "Y"

9186 IL 127 

Taylor Springs

Kortkamp Inn

2624 Madison St. 

Schram City

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Milanos' Catering

1910 Vandalia St.   

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 Cobetto's Tap

518 E Main St. 

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Drapes Lounge

1704 School St. 



201 School St.



216 S Main St.


Dairy Queen

1550 Vandalia Rd.

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