Hear! About the Lincoln who sat on a step and stretched his back.

Kayak! Our lakes and behold the views.

Hike!  Our Audubon bird sanctuary and hear the knock of the woodpecker.  



Where can you get a handmade axe, locally roasted coffee, curated vinyl, and a footlocker from the Manhattan Project?





Eat. Drink. And be merry. We have all the possibilities here in Hillsboro from our new pub on the old lake, Tobias Public House, to our throw back burger joint, Park N' Eat.

And beer... tasty, tasty, beeer. 


Pretty cool place, eh? Makes you want to live here, doesn't it? If that's your wish, we can make it happen. There's always room for one more. Plus, we have fiber Internet, which means you can work  from your porch and stargaze at night. 


Hillsboro is a different sort of place seeking to create an atmosphere of flourishing for everyone.  We shop local, welcome the stranger, and protect our natural spaces.   


Want to know what's going on Hillsboro? This is the place to look.  


We've got some pretty talented writers in Hillsboro. Read their work here. 


We're working on linking to all the podcasts that people in Hillsboro create. Stay tuned. 


Beauty will save the world and our artists create it. Feast your eyes below.  


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